Time Rummy 2 ( 2 sets )

SKU: D057b

ACMMG062  MA2-13MG For 2 - 4 students per game. Using the basic rummy play of pick up, attempt to make sets and then discard, the players try to collect a set of cards all showing the same time as would appear on analog and digital clocks. i.e. a quarter to four; three forty-five; 3:45 and fifteen minutes to four.  Six cards are dealt to each player. The remaining cards form a stock. Players pick up a card from either the stock or the discard pile.  When a player has a set of three cards they place them face up in the playing area and may then also add cards to sets formed by other players.  The first player to use all their cards is the winner. The cards include 2 wild cards which may be used with any other pair.  2 games of 50 cards



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