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Share It Set 1 ( 2 sets )

SKU: C026b

ACMNA032  MA1-6NA 2 - 4 students per game (4 games per set)  There are boards for sharing using 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x facts.  When a card is turned over, the player has to share that many counters between the circles on the board and then determine how many are in each circle.  They then cover the next forward space showing that number with their counter. In the picture the player, with the red counter, would have turned over the 20 card, shared 20 counters into each circle, finally covering the number 10.  The green player has turned over a 6 and is not able to move because there is no forward 3 space available.   2 sets of 4 boards  & 1 set of  "Share It" multiples for each Share It game