Calendar ( 2 sets)

SKU: C027b

ACMMG021  MA1-13MG To complete this activity participants build a calendar.  It may be played in pairs or in groups up to 6.  The first player spins to find out which month is being treated, and turns over a "Start" card.  All players follow the instruction on the "Start" card and put the appropriate ordinals on their calendar.  In the picture the "Start" card read, "The first day of the month is a Friday."  All players had to put "1st" on the first Friday and then add the ordinals to the 28th because February, with 28 days, had been spun.  There is provision for both 28 and 29 days in February on the spinner. Correctly answering the questions ensures that students are able to read the calendar.  2 sets of 6 boards, 6 sets ordinals, 1 set each of "Start" and "Question" cards, and a months/days spinner.



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