Add on from ten (3 sets)

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ACMNA002  MAe-4NA Played in pairs.  1 board per pair.  Students use 10 as a reference in forming numbers from 11 to 20 so this should help children develop understanding of those 'tricky' teen numbers.  When we say twenty-two we say the twenty first, however with the teen numbers the single digit numeral is said first. i.e. six-teen.  In this game the spin of a 1-10 spinner, or the roll of a 1-10 die, is added to 10 and a counter is placed on that numeral on the board.  As each player uses a different colour the winner of the game is the player who manages to get four counters in a square, horizontal, vertical or diagonal row.  3 sets = 6 boards 

Adapted from Count Me In Too



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