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 Who am I?

I have been a classroom teacher and later an Assistant Principal, in both small and large schools and I was Principal of a small rural school. When I was teaching I used hands on activities as a daily part of my teaching program and I allowed students to borrow games to use at home as homework.  Now that I'm retired, I've been making 'games' for families to play at home and selling these at markets.  (Some of us can't give teaching away completely!)   I soon realised that home schoolers and teachers were also buying the games and, in response to frequent requests, my website was born.


Why do you need these games?

I know how many hours a teacher can spend making all the teaching resources required to successfully run maths and literacy groups in the classroom.  Now that I have time on my hands, let me take some of that load off you.

When I first used laminated games in the classroom I was forever replacing bags that had been ripped by the sharp corners of game pieces.  Let's not even mention pricked fingers!  With my super corner rounder all sharp edges are removed, except for very small game pieces or specially shaped pieces.   Not many schools or homes would have a corner rounder capable of rounding a stack of cards rather than one card at a time.  


What do you get?

All activities are printed on coloured A4 card and laminated.  When pages are cut the corners are rounded to remove sharp edges. (Unless the pieces are very small.)

Because most schools already have a stock of regular dice and counters those are not included in the prices on this website however I am happy to give a quote with all the extras included if it is required.  Some games require an unusual die and you will find some games on this site that specify inclusion of a specific one.

Games are shipped in plastic zip lock bags but may need to be permanently stored in something more sturdy, such as plastic document folders.  Provided reasonable rules are enforced during use of the games, (e.g. discourage chewing!) they should last several years.  

Plastic document folders can be added to orders at additional cost and they will incur a postage cost.  

Any activity that is unusable due to printing errors or other mistakes, will always be replaced.



I can print out a file label for each activity ordered that can be fixed on whatever file/packaging you will be using.  I do charge extra for this service.

The label can include:-

• Title

• NSW Syllabus Reference e.g. MA2-9MG (This then gives you the level)

• Number of students

• ACARA reference (e.g. ACMMG061)

• Content

By special request, I have put games into document folders, labelled them, tabbed the files and provided a list of activities with location and syllabus reference etc. (to assist with programming,) provided roller boxes for storage and easy access, and delivered them - but I do have to charge for these services and delivery will not always be an option!

Please request a quote if you would like any of the above.


Ordering Information

You may use your own order form or use the shopping cart  on this site. 

If ordering by snail or email, please include the exact catalogue number and title.   Some games have more than 1 size option but each option has its own catalogue number.

If requested, your school’s or your name can be added to most items, space permitting.  For example, “Property of Twin Bends Public School” or “Please return promptly to Mrs Glass.”

Please indicate clearly on the order if this is required.  If using the shopping cart there is a space where you can request labelling of the games.

If you need additional information about any of the items on this list, please e-mail me (see below) and I will do my best to oblige.



I am a Kindergarten teacher. As a busy teacher, I have lots of good intentions, but little time!  Frances produced a set of games for me covering all of the Early Stage One outcomes. The games are well made, colourful and simple to play. At the same time they reinforced concepts taught at this stage. Maths groups will now be much more fun. Frances was quick to respond to my initial email, she made the games within a week or two and they arrived at my school very quickly. Frances was also happy to advise me which games I might need throughout the year.  I would recommend Frances to any time poor teachers!

Mrs Julia Abbey, Kindergarten Teacher, 2017


Rhyme Time

What a lovely way to say thank you to me for making the games!  This young man is showing how much he has learned about rhyming words.  Special thanks to his family for allowing me to post it here.



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